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25 Logo Designs to Inspire You

Logo Inspiration

A good logo could make your website, business, product or service stand out among thousands of others. Here is our second logo design series

I saw something that an another artist did. I tried to see if I could replicate it. This is what I came up with. I used illustrator to make this. Tip if you are trying to do this... One of the hexagons is broken up to allow for the proper appearance of an overlap.

A new geometric design every day - It reminds me of the 'Wool Marketing Board' logo.scroll down on 'Logo Design' and all will be revealed.

atomgraさんの提案 - ◆福岡の歓楽街「中洲」に建設予定の飲食ビルのロゴ | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」

atomgraさんの提案 - ◆福岡の歓楽街「中洲」に建設予定の飲食ビルのロゴ | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」

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