A veces nos complicamos la vida... cuando puede ser tan sencilla :-)

Creative visual communication, you can know what is the topic of this ad straight away by the form of the teeth!

55 Big, Bold & Creative Billboard Designs

Using billboards in high foot fall areas will promote the business by forcing recognition and awareness. The billboard could also feature an incentive such as brands or discount to influence sales

Consistently creative with their advertising design, this campaign for FedEx was created by advertising agency DDB in Brazil.

such an creative piece, i love the art direction in this, how they have put two windows in different countries. this is defiantly a piece you would stop and look at.

This is an idea for symbol dichotomy.

ワコールが展開する「アンフィ フルフル」、秋の果物をイメージした新作ランジェリー発売 - 写真2