the World Heritage, Mt. Fuji, Japan 富士山

17 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel

the World Heritage, Mt. Fuji, Japan 富士山-- So pretty! My life's mission is to visit Japan at least once, and travel everywhere there and take a million pictures!

A traditional Japanese house complete with sliding doors everywhere. A great way of maximising space.

Irori - Japanese traditional open fireplace sunken in the surface of the wooden floor; hearth around the fireplace 囲炉裏

Okinawa, Japan ‎

Tokashiki Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan ‎ a tropical, stunning place (for a honeymoon), and it's in Japan so it's even more perfect!

Japanese carp, Koi 鯉

Japanese carp, Koi 鯉 accented by the dainty, golden Japanese Maple leaves floating in the pool.

縁側、日本、家/engawa, Japan, house

Shooji seen from the outside. The woodwork is on the inside. 縁側、日本、家/engawa, Japan, house

Dome Cottages in Toretore Village - Sirahama, Wakayama, Japan


まるでムーミン谷やジブリの世界!浜名湖の「ぬくもりの森」に行けば、誰もがおとぎの国の主人公になれる♪ - Find Travel

まるでムーミン谷やジブリの世界!浜名湖の「ぬくもりの森」に行けば、誰もがおとぎの国の主人公になれる♪ - Find Travel

First train in early morning mist - Mishima town, Fukushima prefecture, Japan (by Terou Araya on 500px)

The first train goes across the railway bridge in the morning mist, Mishima town in Fukushima prefecture, Japan (photo by Teruo Araya for National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

Takeda Castle Ruins, Japan 竹田城跡

Takeda castle, Hyogo, Kobe district, Japan - Takeda Samurai is the up-line lineage of Shinnyo Esoteric Buddhism and it's founder Kioshu Sama in Japan.