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I think the box design is extremely unique on this package. It's a triangle with rounded edges.

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love the mix of realistic photography + simple, bold typography, + the way the two relate to e/o - Corn/fed Summer 14 Tour Poster by Justin Crutchley

日本酒蔵元 加茂錦 kamonishiki 濾過されていない日本酒本来の味が楽しめる黄酒というお酒のポスター。文字から中身が透けるというパッケージのアイデンティティをそのままポスターにした。  写真:伊藤菜衣子 (Saiko Camera)

日本酒蔵元 加茂錦 kamonishiki NICE IDEA which adds white block to cover most of the background picture but still shows information perfectly.

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デザインが粋でかなりかっこよさを感じるパッケージいろいろ - GIGAZINE

Packaging project for IKEA. We had to pick a brand that was already established, but re-design for them. I chose an unconventional package for IKEA's lightbulb line. Its a box that doesn't require .