Lasercut Book-House

Section Drawing- Awesome! Representing a section through book form is an awesome way to let the client flip through the different sections of their home. I think this is a pretty genius idea and, with a laser cutter, would not be that hard to make.

Beyond beautiful attic space with a big bookshelf // Riesiger Raum unter dem Dach mit Dachbalken und großem Bücherregal

Loft style dining space with amazing skylights with wood trim and exposed timber beams.





Built by SHED Architecture & Design in Seattle, United States with surface Images by Mark Woods. Located in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood the Main Street House takes its name from the unimproved right of way and pe.

PARK DESIGN パークデザイン | 自家製ミートソース potto

PARK DESIGN パークデザイン | 自家製ミートソース potto

建物の外と中の印象のギャップが大きい青木淳建築計画事務所による3階建ての’M'住宅は、東京の住宅街の交通量の多い道路に直接面した10.65m x 10.41mの角地に建設された。

青木淳建築計画事務所 : M(住宅

Jun Aoki designs M House in Tokyo with trapezoidal plan Pinned to Garden Design - Courtyards by Darin Bradbury.

【西海岸発】カリフォルニアLOVER~♪2015年大流行間違いなし!西海岸インテリア事例集【本場】 | SCRAP - Part 3

Bedroom loft in a tiny home. Love all the various shades of white and off-white in this bedroom. The sheepskin rug is a great idea since you are likely crawling on the hard surface when using this tiny home loft.

justthedesign: Dining / Living Room Tahoe Ridge House / WA Design Inc

I know Dad likes the all wood ceiling at the land, multi-purpose space is economical Tahoe Ridge House by WA Design Inc / Tahoe Donner, California, USA


Verschieden Oberlichter -ways of allowing light in the building subtly

Pit house: UIDが手掛けたキッチンです。


I don't know if i'd want a walk way above the kitchen bench, but I LOVE how they have integrated nature into the interior - UID Architects, Japan.

施工事例85 - マンションリノベーション|RENOVATION|EIGHT DESIGN【エイトデザイン】

施工事例85 - マンションリノベーション|RENOVATION|EIGHT DESIGN【エイトデザイン】


理想をカタチにするアメリカの古材を使った、CAPE COD STYLEの家。



Attic converted to year round ‘camp’ indoors — perfect for parties, sleepovers, or date nights. Attic converted to year round ‘camp’ indoors — perfect for parties, sleepovers, or date nights.


家に帰りたくなくなるかもしれない。森の中に佇むオシャレすぎるオフィス - Selgas Cano

loft space - architecture is not always about amazing EMPTY spaces.architecture is about people living within the spaces more than anything!

mA-style architects

Koya No Sumika by mA-style Architects Small attic spaces are tucked between the ribs of a triangular roof at this house extension in Japan by mA-style Architects

valscrapbook: f-unction

This really is a beautiful summer house.My daughter wants to utilize her attic space and I like the ladder idea! They are young enough to climb to a higher level!