Maiko Kimika

Maiko Kimika during her sakkou period - when a maiko is in the last stages before becoming a geiko or geisha. May Photography by watanabe san.


Chizu in a street(Source) Sayaka, you see a lot of photos of her in my posts… I know but I love her sweet smile! (Source) Katsune with a christmas tree(Source) maiko.

Kyomai (traditional Kyoto dance). Maiko Kimichiyo from Gionkobu. S)

Maiko Kimichiyo from Gionkobu. S) Subdued colors with pattern mixing.traditional kimono-inspiration for sam show

maiko 舞妓 hinayu 雛佑 祇園東 KYOTO JAPAN

芸妓さんと舞妓さんのブログ — May maiko Hinayuu with wisteria kanzashi by.

Tentoonstelling Geisha, Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde Leiden - Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

The geisha Toshikana of Miyagawa-cho in a blue and white striped kimono