Japanese sweets jelly

瑠璃飴~天地人ゆかりの地の、歴史ある甘味~ - みつみつの台所~いとおしくおいしい毎日

Wagashi (Japanese sweets) Ruri-ame wagashi : Takahashi Magozaemon Shoten (Lasted more than 300 years, long-established Japanese confectionery shop) , Japan

japanese sweets “wagashi”

Wagasi [Nerikiri] / "Wagasi" are the confectionery made from the traditional manufacturing process of Japan. / "Wagashi" has many kinds by raw materials, a manufacturing process, a use. / "Wagashi" o (Peanut Butter Mochi)

Japanese sweets

I love kaki/persimmons, I love mochi, this is a perfect picture. Add in Kaki to normal mochi.

Japanese sweets -Warabi-mochi-: photo by bananagranola (busy), via Flickr

Warabi-mochi : warabimochi flour, sugar, matcha powder, black syrup, soybean flour Warabimochi is a cold dessert made with starch powder in the Japanese summer.


Kiwi , i want to spoil you with this! :p Japanese Green Tea Parfait (Matcha Ice Cream, Kanten Jelly, Azuki Red Beans Sponge Butter Cake)|抹茶パフェ

立田川 red leaves

Japanese Wagashi (Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionary often served with tea.


Japanese sweets Temari (Traditional Japanese handball ) so pretty!

Japanese Candy

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Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo collaboration, "Kuya" long-established Japanese confectionery shop and Ginza fifth generation

Wagashi sweets by Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo and "Kuya" long-established Japanese confectionery shop

Japanese Sweets / 宝月党

So pretty !