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mad scientist and former member of the Marines’ science department.

センゴク 海軍本部元帥

fleet admiral for the Navy who commanded the Paramount War at Marineford from up above. Known for his strategic intelligence, he unleashed multiple

ゲッコー・モリア 影の集合地(シャドーズ・アスガルド)

master of Thriller Bark. His body is infused with a thousand shadows, all taken from Thriller Bark's denizens, which lets him overpower even

One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki (海賊王:尋寶之旅): 新人物情報 - 新雷神&見習巴基

Kami, ruler of Skypiea and user of the Logia-type Rumble-Rumble Fruit. He can turn himself into lightning, unleashing electric force that gives him a


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海軍本部中将モモンガ 怪物斬りの名将

海軍本部中将モモンガ 怪物斬りの名将


of Gran Tesoro, an enormous ship made of gold. Granted autonomous status by the World Government, the Gran Tesoro cannot be touched by the


" Some say he's the best fighter in the Navy, but he also exhibits a laid-back attitude and


His Glint-Glint Fruit skills make him a "man of light." After Luffy attacked the Celestial Dragons, Sabaody Archipelago


Marine admiral, one of the most powerful people in the force.