Great circle animal logo

Circle Animal Logos With Tom Anders Watkins


Saltwater by ASD Kudos. read - OK a fish restaurant but read - the 'S' incorporated into the fish and then read - the wave and feel of water whether one associates this with the ocean catch or the ocean the fish are caught in.

Breaze Cars - Brand Identity | #stationary #corporate #design #corporatedesign #identity #branding #marketing repinned by | Visit our website:

Love that this icon combines a letterforms and animal to create a unique symbol Breaze Cars - Brand Identity

42 diseños de logos creativos con un lápiz.

42 Logo Designs With Creative Use of Pen

I really like the use of this logo. The word Idea takes shape as a pencil which is how most people get their ideas written down. This logo really tells people that this is a design company with the use of a pencil as the logo.

smaller-icon breakdown

Modular identity – This is a very interesting idea, creating logos for each subheading that when overlapped create the logo for the whole. Could apply this to lots of things

Logo / Identity - Oliver Barrett : Design • Art Direction

Creative incorporation of an icon into text. I think the black and white color scheme emphasizes the double image.

天然温泉 久松湯 | Works | Kishino Shogo(6D)-木住野彰悟 - created via

mathematical decorations on the japanese word rightly fit the exact tone of the ambience

Mark for Authorized Japanese Traditional Handicrafts, Yusaku Kamekura

Mark for Authorized Japanese Traditional Handicrafts, Yusaku Kamekura # graphic

Mathematical Design -Pythagorean Spiral Apple design

Mathematical Design

i know nothing of art or geometry (worst math class ever) but for some reason, i find this cool - Apple Logo deconstructed