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This is a really nice eyeliner look, I really love how the winged liner is made up from the little flowers. The flowers look like they're made from white liquid eyeliner, and purple eyeliner.--Great idea for halloween costume makeup!


This looks like furisode, and I usually try not to tease myself with Kimonos that are inappropriate to me, but I loved the bright colors against the start black, and couldn't help myself.


(Japanese text: raspberry, most viewed). This is one of the cutest kimono I've ever seen!

コーデ別 振袖 カタログ|レトロトリップ|キモノハーツ ポータル|#kimono #thubaki

コーデ別 振袖 カタログ|レトロトリップ|キモノハーツ ポータル|#kimono #thubaki