Artifact Masque

Artifact Masque

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nice packaging

Check out this great idea for takeaway sandwich packaging by designer's Alberto Carlo Cafaro and Giorgio Fanecco. It's a great idea - reminiscent of the apple pie packaging a McD's. But this packag.

WW Society

A concrete stamp would be great idea for each marathon with race date and time and drape the medal over. Then donate the shoes.I don't know why I'm hanging on my my old shoes.

Coffret Dewar's

Coffret Dewar's, functional carrier, using nice materials on a traditional packaging construction really changes the perception.

HZ Client Gift Packaging by Marina Linderman, via Behance

Smartphone retro handset - communication - HZ Client Gift Packaging by Marina Linderman, via Behance



Churros with a dippable chocolate sauce container. 31 Mind-Blowing Examples of Brilliant Packaging Design


The final design included a customized tube, insert card, mailing label and custom-designed postage stamp. One new member already noted it as 'a great example of a membership package done right: the design is impeccable.'" Designed by Hovard Design

Erik Johansson-意大利麵食包裝 PD

[Informative] Although it may not have transparency to let you see the food packaged inside, it makes up for it with clear cut graphics illustrating the product within. It also comes with instructions on how best to prepare it printed on the outside