Japanese early 1960's traditional 'fukuro' obi belt with butterflies and mist motif material: silk brocade

This is 'fukuro' sash belt with lovely butterflies and golden mists with hexagonal pattern that symbolizes tortoise-shell as good wishes symbol of fortune and prosperity on black silk background. Inner side of the obi is black colored silk.

Kimono Tokyo meisen 銘仙 advertising posters - 1910s-1920s

Matsuya Gofukuten (松屋呉服店) kimono shop, 1916 ~ Kiyokata Kubaragi (鏑木 清方, a Nihonga artist and the leading master of the "bijinga" genre in Taishō and Showa period

Japanese chrysanthemum pattern

the movement with the organic shapes and contrast with the geometric shapes make good texture