I'm obsessed with chunky wood detail!! Music Room ~ detail on balcony railings, mouldings and fireplace

( How gorgeous! This could easily be done in one of those old gingerbread style homes. Library upstairs, piano down) I'm obsessed with chunky wood detail! Music Room ~ detail on balcony railings, mouldings and fireplace

casa encuentro / Carlos Arroyo

casa encuentro / Carlos Arroyo-- okay, but here's my plan: have that pattern somehow suspended from our ceiling in the basement downstairs and behind it, a shit ton of florescent lights that are GOLD.



Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France My dream room, with a more comfy chair and a blanket.maybe a bay window.

Hidden Office behind a Secret Door in the Library.

25 Amazing Secret Passageways Built into Homes

Library with a secret door. Our home library has a secret door that opens on hinges like this too - it goes into my office. :) People never notice that it's there until we point it out.

常に地球に寄り添って、孤独な夜にも優しく光を投げかけてくれる。 そんな計り知れない満月の魅力を身近に、というコ […]


家族やパートナーとの暮らしでどうしても不足しがちなのは、「ひとりの時間」だと思います。 ないなら作ってしまえ! […]


光と影で、予想外の異世界を作り出す Rashad Alakbarov①

光と影で、予想外の異世界を作り出す Rashad Alakbarov

Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light. "Using strategically suspended translucent materials and other objects, artist Rashad Alakbarov paints using shadows and light"

My books are my home.

My dream home true room. Always, always wanted a room with tons of books and a ladder. I am sure this is a room somewhere in Heaven.