I don't understand why porgs were hyped up so much. They really just sat aboard the millennium falcon and made annoying noises and gave chewie something to eat/ roar at by the fire


Top 25 News Photos of 2016 - The Atlantic A giant panda cub falls from the stage while 23 giant pandas born in 2016 lie on a display at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China, on September

Pokemon Chibis

Bulbasaur with a strawbery. Bulbasaur and his evolutions are my favorite pokemons. This is a very cute version of him. The little star is a cute little addition.


A Quokka is a nocturnal Australian marsupial from Western Australia, especially Rottnest Island

【萌フォロー開始】ハリネズミってこんな可愛かった!?世界を飛び回るBiddy(ビディー)の旅写真にたまらんく | DDN JAPAN


This awesome Hedgehog is seeing and doing more adventurous stuff than a lot of us can even comprehend. If the Hedgehog can do it! Biddy is an.