What a lovely photo - +~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Japanese Mother and her children.

Asian vintage illustration - Memoirs of a Maiko - via maiko child. Mom made me a homemade costume as a little girl. She had such talent.

Denbouhada no Onna (rough-and-tumble woman): a woman who resorts to bold measures (i. a prostitute). Her yukata with the sleeves folded back and armband signify a proud and talented woman who may turn down even great men.

During the late meiji era early century. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Popular tokyo geisha Hawaryu for fans of Geisha images.

"Woman in sensible armor! A rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan. Often mistakenly referred to as “female samurai”, female warriors have a long history in Japan.

芸者 geisha

Two Hangyoku with Bangasa A hand-coloured postcard from showing two Hangyoku (Young Geisha) holding paper umbrellas.

Maiko Fukiko Maiko (apprentice geisha) Fukiko, her kanzashi (hair ornaments) suggest that she is dressed for a tea ceremony, during the late or early