bathroom-Roundup-Minimal-Bath-6-Lubelso-Hawthorn-Concept-Home bathroom-Roundup-Minimal-Bath-6-Lubelso-Hawthorn-Concept-Home

A modern bathroom in a light color pallet featuring light gray tile and a slightly curved rectangular vessel sink. A skylight above the glass-wrapped shower stall provides ample lighting for the room.

vivian's home renovation - April and mayApril and may

vivian's home renovation

- Sacramento Street Cement sink in a white bathroom. Love the mirror and the metal tray attached to it. Possibilities of display!

This would be perfect! Bathroom from Wind-dyed House by Kazuhiko Kishimoto

Wind-dyed House by Kazuhiko Kishimoto/acaa

I love the idea of the room, but no hot tub lol maybe just a huge bath tub.

バスルーム|施工例|マキハウス: 福岡の注文住宅・戸建分譲・リノベーション

バスルーム|施工例|マキハウス: 福岡の注文住宅・戸建分譲・リノベーション


Irita Beach House is a minimalist house located in Shizuoka, Japan, designed by FEDL. The residence is characterized by large glazings adjacent the kitchen and dining space facing the interior courtyard.

拯救你那不堪的卫生间——壁挂马桶的应用 - 豆叔碎碎念 - 知乎专栏

拯救你那不堪的卫生间——壁挂马桶的应用 - 豆叔碎碎念 - 知乎专栏