ITO Jakuchu (1716~1800), Japan 伊藤若冲

月夜白梅図 (White Plum Blossoms in Moonlight), by 伊藤若冲 (Ito, Jakuchu, Japanese,

Jakuchu Ito

Ito Jakuchu 動植綵絵 Doshoku Sai-e Title: 棕櫚雄鶏図 Shuro Yukei-zu(Palm Trees and Roosters) c

Grus japonensis/Ito Jakuchu by inter-

japaneseaesthetics: “ Painting of standing cranes, century, Japan, by artist Ito Jakuchu. Wiki: Itō Jakuchū was a Japanese painter of the mid-Edo period when Japan had closed its doors to the outside world. Many of his paintings concern.

千葉市美術館で「伊藤若冲―アナザーワールド―」展を観た!の画像 | とんとん・にっき

Rooster in Snow. One of a set of 30 vertical hanging scrolls, "Colorful Realm of Living Beings.

Ito Jakuchu (Japanese: 1716-1800) - Plum Blossoms and Cranes -

伊藤 若冲 (Ito Jakuchu) - 梅花群鶴図 (scene of Japanese apricot blossoms and cranes) - Mid-Edo Period Century ).

"Tsukumo-gami, Spirits of Used Articles" by ITO Jakuchu (1716-1800), Japan 伊藤若冲 付喪神図

付喪神図 伊藤若冲 "Tsukumo-gami, Spirits of Used Articles" by ITO Jakuchu Japan