Very clever cups for each type of juice I like the way the juice colours the fruit

Squeeze & Fresh juices by Backbone Branding. Pin curated by Interactive packaging - M


Bag for a Bakery - conjures up a completely different concept in my eyes, maybe it's just me?


The way this packaging is designed is so creative and cute. The ear buds look like a plant in a pot and it's just different to look at. The simple colors blend well and attract the eye.

Origami Tea Bag #product #packaging #design

Not Only Because Of The Michael Kors Hamilton Striped Canvas Large Red White Totes Quality But Also Our Sincerely Service.

Washing powder packaging

Packaging Inspiration

This washing powder packaging has been very popular. Now here's the rest of the story PD creative & useful design.


Pasta Packaging Concept - This caught my eye, because of how unusual it is. I found it odd the they made so the pasta creates the hair of the women on the boxes. It& creative and a neat idea, but i& not sure it would actually work.

DesignWorks - ジャムのおいしさをダイレクトに伝えるパッケージデザイン「Jam La Vieja Fabrica」

ジャムのおいしさをダイレクトに伝えるパッケージデザイン「Jam La Vieja Fabrica」: DesignWorks Archive

Love this beautiful package design for Jam La Vieja Fabrica. adcollector: “ TAPSA (Spain) for Jam La Vieja Fabrica ”

図工ばっかだと精神的に疲れるので、デザインで息抜き。 プロダクトと言いつつも、パッケージかも。 ...


Packaging Egg Box - No, it isn't software exactly. But it is a great example of a design that works well at revealing the beauty and nature of the content to the user rather than hiding it, which is what UX design ought to do more.

Dynasty Dairy Farm Branding

Dynasty Dairy Farm (Concept)

【水引】って知ってる?ご祝儀袋につける飾り紐の、簡単可愛い結び方特集* | marry[マリー]