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Ankle high converse + maxi coat outfit + Rosanna van Billie-Rose + Casual and cool + grey converse Coat: Mango, Skirt: Zara, Scarf: Weekday, Bag: Guess, Shoes: Converse.

Elegance personified....  Phoenix Legend

Pinup Fashion: classic look with big pink shades, light blue sheer shirt with a bow, and vanilla and light blue floral skirt. Cute on Taylor!

Parisian style

Umbrella inspiration {images: fashion editorial, "segnali d'autumno", irina denisova plays faye dunaway in bonnie & clyde by paolo leone for glamour italy via the terrier and the lobster}

CAMPER LADIES(カンペール レディース)のTWINS (ツインズ)(パンプス)|詳細画像

CAMPER LADIES(カンペール レディース)のTWINS (ツインズ)(パンプス)|詳細画像