Oh. My. Gosh!!! This has me in stitches over here.

ELIPSIS This is so funny. Raid saying it can kill all insects-- spiderman ! Love the cleverness!

Para soplar hojas, mejor empezar con letras.

This is a creative way to design this advertisement, blowing away the "bad news" with a leaf blower.


Funny pictures about Amazing Shadow Art. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Shadow Art. Also, Amazing Shadow Art photos.

This has been a lesson in forced perspective. Oooohhhhh. I might include something like this in perspective #RhomboSTEAM #stemvestigations for Ten80 Elementary...


The water bottle sold me. Very nice touch. Look really hard turn ur 2 the side a little its just lockers and they turned the picture sideways


This can be used for a relationship spread, for example of two people who wee friends for a while. We can put a picture of their faces on top of the Ziploc and then a picture of their bodies from when they were younger." This ad

マクドナルドのクリエイティブな広告20選2 | ONE PROJECT

McDonald’s Night Light “Open 24 hours. I don't even really like McDonald's, and I don't know who use this, but this is kind of awesome.

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Image Source: Radiohead website The fabulous campaign for the Grammy Awards features these portraits made from type.


Maxam Toiletries ad for their toothpaste in “Civilization-Egypt”, showing ancient ruins in the context of molar teeth. “Don’t let germs settle down.” The campaign won Gold Outdoor and Gold Press Lions at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

停車した先は崖!? 自動車の加速スピードを何よりも分かりやすく表現したVolkswagenの広告.  ドイツの自動車ブランドであるフォルクスワーゲンが実施したプリント広告をご紹介。  Golf Rという車種の新モデルの特徴である加速スピードを分かりやすく消費者に伝えるべく製作されたクリエイティブがこちら。   停車するクルマの道の先が、まるで滝のように直角に落ちているビジュアル。普通の市街地を文字通りひねることで、まったく新しい世界をつくりあげました。  コピーは、“0-100 in 5.0 seconds. New Golf R.(5秒で時速100キロへ。新しいGolf R。)”  まるで崖を落下するかのごとく、5秒で100キロまで加速できるということを短いコピーで表現。アイデアのシンプルさとシャープさ、そしてエグゼキューションの作り込みも素晴らしいプリント広告

Volkswagen Golf R Terminal Velocity Ad by Ogilvy & Mather, Cape Town. in seconds. New Golf R. Product: VW Golf R.