boooook:「猫の散歩」 浅生ハルミン 筑摩書房 読了。(source: The Ship That Flew - tumble)

The Ship That Flew // not sure if this is the artist credit or not: boooook:「猫の散歩」 浅生ハルミン 筑摩書房 読了。

Japanese book cover, 1913 - I like the colors and design ... maybe a quilt block?

Japanese book cover, 1913 book covers Self promotional book covers by John Holcroft, via Behance

可愛らしい国語の教科書。// Takashi Kono book cover

sumiresugar: “chestchest: “ squaredoor: “ Takashi Kono book cover via Dark Victory ” ”

Gigei no Tomo [ 技藝乃友] Japanese culture are always inspired by nature. Living in wooden paper house in the nature is the style of life. We love and respect the plants and animals , moon and woter falls . use these elements for the interior , product , cloth , design . These are old Japanese design books mid 19th century , Meiji period , lithograph prints.

Gigei no Tomo [ 技藝乃友] Japanese design books mid century , Meiji period