和菓子 職人技 Japanese crafts - Japanese sweets, Wagashi is made by craftsman, one by one.

wagashi (Iris)

wagashi (Iris) Japanese culture puts so much emphasis on exquisite details in search of perfection.

The wagashi keeps getting better

Love this Fuji-yama wagashi! -------------------- Japanese confectionery - Wagashi is typically made from rice, rice flour and sweetened bean paste. There are many types of Wagashi.

Winter wagashi

Wagashi are delicately small sweets used only in Chanoyù, the Tea Ceremony, a very old traditional Japanese Art deriving from Buddists Monks ceremony.


White chocolate snowflakes~ these would look pretty on a chocolate cake~ St Patty's day cookies Japanese sweets / Colorful candy Pear Crepes.

Japanese New Year Bento Lunch|正月弁当

Japanese New Year Bento Lunch& New Year is a big celebration in Japan, and this is a very cute bento to celebrate


Wagashi are Japanese confectionery that I suspect are more a treat for the eyes than they are for the taste buds.

Wagashi "fish bowl".

Wagashi "fish bowl" - inspiration only, no recipe but you can make this with homade jello putting it in a plastic bag and a round bowl