Forky Friday: Paleo Lunchbox Round-Up 2013 by Michelle Tam

Paleo Lunch Box: Got grain-free or gluten-free kids? Check out the nom nom paleo lunch box ideas to get inspired!

peanut Onigiri bento

ピーナッツの仲間たち おにぎり弁当

Adorable rice balls & sushi rolls. Geez, love Japanese bento.. so cute..

Adorable rice balls & sushi rolls, I'm just not sure I can make them!


Japanese Sports Day Bento Lunch, featuring meat-wrapped onigiri, classic onigiri, and inari sushi

Japanese food

Japanese breakfast 和プレートで朝食 not a recipe, and everything is in japanese, but it certainly has me drooling.glad there's no natto in it.


Kawaii food

Cute love letter bear onigiri bento box, including sides of tamagoyaki, chicken karaage, and a ham flower




Japanese Bento Box I'll bet Japanese people love this style of bento lunch.

Cooking Gallery: Adorable Rilakkuma Bento #food #bento #rilakkuma

Plus-sized Rilakkuma bento, featuring onigiri and inari sushi Rilakkuma