Love this sweater. I feel like you have to be small to wear loose tops like this though. Otherwise it makes you look larger? Maybe I'm wrong? #winter #fashion / white turtleneck knit

I am not this blonde or this thin or this tall, but the top knot with ivory turtleneck sweater and jeans = perfect weekend outfit


Who is tanned, has soft skin, wears cream sweater, rocks cozy socks and wavy hair and will sit in front of a fire place with me til we fall asleep in each others arms.



Side Braid A-Line A-line hairstyle never limits your creativity. Try a side French braid, twists or any other embellishment you can style your strands into. For this look, simply tuck the braid behind your ear and pin it instead of using a hair elastic.

Here is Top Minimalist Nail Art Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now. To do away with how people quickly understands your nails aren’t original, the best that you could do is availing the acryli…

The biggest thing (for men especially) about cobra that gets easily overlooked is the shoulders. Keep 'em down!

LOWER BACK Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) requires arm strength, it can reap some great benefits as it opens the chest, stimulates digestion and increases the mobility.

Sexy beach body # bikini # tan # summer GG's tiny times ♥

Random Inspiration #32

Long Legs are just plain sexy. Here are some hot long leg pictures for you! sexy long legs seem to go on forever and ever and ever.


my (winter) bikini body goal. began working out a week to get in shape. my (winter) bikini body goal. began working out a week to get in shape.




Blonde hair


ボブなら前髪なし・ありでも正解!アレンジで作る「ゆるふわ」ヘア - NAVER まとめ

Bouffant hair almonds bouffant hair beach waves,cornrows hairstyles white short hairstyles tutorial,african plaited hairstyles hairstyles for step cut medium hair.


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