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Yaoi, Fluff, Ships, AUs, and crossovers of BNHA pics! (None of the fanarts belong to me! They belong to their rightful owners!) Ranked: - Shota - Deku - Shoto - Katsuki Bakugou - All might - Ships [Jun - Bnha my hero [Jun - bokunoheroaca. My Hero Academia Memes, Hero Academia Characters, My Hero Academia Manga, Boku No Hero Academia, Anime Characters, Anime Meme, Funny Anime Pics, Otaku Anime, Manga Anime

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The Silent Ones (Saiki Kusuo x human reader) - The Bookworm in the Back of the Class

He thought everyone was the same, annoying and otherwise. Until he noticed the quiet girl in the back of the class with her face shoved in a book. She was oblivious to everyone else. She had good grades, good in sports and overall an average student. Except she caught his eye because she was like him, she avoided attention at all costs, yet failed miserably. Unedited :/ This book is really old so I'm sorry that it goes by fast and is pretty bad ○_○ I'm still surprised that its still getting…

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“わ~~ん大遅刻だし全然間に合ってない!!;▽; ナルト誕生日おめでとう!!!!親子でイチャコラしてくれ~~~ (※ミナクシ生きてる時空) #うずまきナルト生誕祭2016”

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“わ~~ん大遅刻だし全然間に合ってない!!;▽; ナルト誕生日おめでとう!!!!親子でイチャコラしてくれ~~~ (※ミナクシ生きてる時空) #うずまきナルト生誕祭2016”