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Avi Kaplan, Pentatonix Bass singer

30 Things You Should Know About Pentatonix Avi Kaplan, Pentatonix Bass singer

PTXonYahooLive  Avi!!

PTXonYahooLive Avi!!





iKirstie -- Mitch being a Sharpie.

iKirstie -- Mitch being a Sharpie. Every time you watch it, it gets funnier! It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on! xD I love that I can hear Avi laughing in the background!

I was literally dying when @Kelsey Myers Dish made this with the pic of me and Avi..... SO TRUE RIGHT?!?

My friend Jacot Jacot Plate met Avi and (due to a long story) he made this face. Which fit this meme too perfectly.

Avi... He looks like the old guy from the Pixar short in a bugs life!

imweird-dealwithit: “timeforourweeklyobsessions: “ thats-fcute: “ starvationstationrhythmnation: “ hashtagfcute: “ channeling Mitch Grassi ” I STILL CANT DEAL WITH THIS ” no stop STOP ” I.

Kevin vs. Avi #Sleepwars Scorecard | Updated January 2014 - looks like Kevin's winning. xD Too cute.

The Sleep Wars. If you don't know what this pin is about, I'm done with you.