Gigei no Tomo [ 技藝乃友]      Japanese culture are always inspired by nature.  Living in wooden paper house in the nature is the style of life.  We love and respect the plants and animals , moon and woter falls .  use these elements for the interior , product , cloth , design .  These are old Japanese design books mid 19th century , Meiji period , lithograph prints.

Gigei no Tomo [ 技藝乃友] Japanese design books mid century , Meiji period

Vintage Japanese matchbox label

Vintage Japanese matchbox labels, bush clover: It is one of 'the Japanese Seven Autumn Flowers'

Vintage Japanese magazine

New Year's Card: Snow Rabbit Japanese 1927 Artist Unknown, Japanese Overall: x cm x 3 in. ink on card stcok Classification: Postcards Type: Postcard; New Year's Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Illustration:佐藤香苗 Portfolio #inspiracion

This art caught my eyes today. I wanted to show you my new Japanese illustration discovery: Sato Kanae. She's a Japanese illustrator based in Tokyo. Her work is completely adorable.

Japanese washcloth, Tenugui 鶴と亀 crane and turtle

Japanese washcloth, Tenugui 鶴と亀 crane and turtle / S.I / montage

日本刺繍でミモザの半襟、片側出来ました。 あとは図案を反転して反対側も刺さないと…。 ・ ・ ・

日本刺繍でミモザの半襟、片側出来ました。 あとは図案を反転して反対側も刺さないと…。 ・ ・ ・