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iPhone: 35.673862,139.736481  ·  東京下町(谷根千近辺)で猫2(♂♀)男1(♂)飼ってます。猫大好き。靴コレクション。仕事:Web系(P/AD/CD/PM /Design/広報/マーケ)。 Web情報/iPhone,iPad/デザイン・アート情報/Fashion情報/お買い物お得情報/靴/自転車/海外ドラマ/アニメ/猫などのツイートに反応
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Cute cat and friend

Is there anything cuter than little animals kicking it with their stuffed animal counterparts? While these dogs, cats, a rabbit, squirrel Cute Animals Hanging Out With Their Stuffed Animal Twins Image Gallery

Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted Wedge

Giuseppe Zanotti - Black suede T-bar sandals with a sculpted wedge heel hand-embellished with multicolored rhinestones. - Is there anyone who wants to literally walk on the balls of their feet? These shoes have no heel.


finally found the perfect shoes! thank you katelynn for finding them! i owe you!!!

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