Wagashi - 八重桜 Double cherry blossoms

Pink Blossoms of Japanese Wagashi Sweet Perfection - 八重桜 Double cherry blossoms

Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo collaboration, "Kuya" long-established Japanese confectionery shop and Ginza fifth generation

Wagashi sweets by Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo and "Kuya" long-established Japanese confectionery shop

Japanese sweets Kohaku-kan (琥珀羹) : Kohaku-kan is a summer dessert and usually made from agar-agar, sugar. Some of kohaku-kan are amber coloured (kohaku means amber in Japanese). The others are translucent just like the one in the picture.

Japanese sweets / ミニ大福(mini daifuku)

Kamigami no Asobi ~~ Add some strawberries and you'll have a nice snack to serve to Hades :: Japanese sweets / ミニ大福(mini daifuku)

cute food for kids - bunnies -at first i thought the ears were the eyes so it looked like alein heads with big nostils

Cute Rabbit Manjuu [Japanese Dessert] looks like they piped red dots eyes on,white chocolate. Paint brushed the ears with milk chocolate. Do on truffles or cake bites. Could do other animals or patterns.