This stunning window By Appointment Only Design is literally 'in bloom' on Chiltern Street, London.

This stunning window By Appointment Only Design is literally 'in bloom' on Chiltern Street, London. The flowers are beautifully crafted in paper and seem to be growing from within the display inside, to the front of the window

Kraft Paper Wrapping with Tiny Mushrooms and Berries

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

brown paper packages tied up with . tiny little mushrooms! I actually have these tiny mushrooms but I don't want to give them away. Is it wrong to wrap my own present to me?


Simple but sophisticated Christmas wrapping idea: brown paper, black ribbon and winter foliage.



I made these little sweet packets to give out last Valentine’s Day. Even the most inexpensive candy turns special when packaged thoughtfully, like these re-packed in translucent envelopes.



Gifts from the kitchen idea. Or use these cones to wrap small non-food gifts as well. Click through to the Martha Stewart Gingerbread Caramel candy recipe to also click through to see the easy DIY how to folding for these cones.

organic gift packaging

✂ That's a Wrap ✂ diy ideas for gift packaging and wrapped presents - rosemary sprigs

simple Christmas gift wrap: brown paper, stamps, evergreen, bakery twine, we did this for a couple of years and included a baked cinnamon ornament on each package.

Wrapping presents with herbs:

brown kraft paper bags with string and herbs, leaves and green foliage. natural look. Gift or present wrapping and packaging ideas. - Use clear cellophane or white bags to look more elegant;

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Christmas decoration - Even the smallest gift feels super special when you tie it with these easy-to-make pine needle tassels. All you need are pine needles and red twine.