William Morris of England's Arts and Crafts movement.

soyouthinkyoucansee: Medway Wallpaper blue 1885 William Morris English textile designer, artist, writer, and libertarian socialist, Pre-R.

Ryo Takemasa

Day Ryo Takemasa Bio from Ryo’s website: Ryo Takemasa / illustrator Born in Based in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Musashino Art School. Graduated from Musashino Art University. A freelance.

マリメッコ・ストーリー | ブランド | Marimekko (マリメッコ) 日本公式オンラインストア

Lumimarja, Erja Hirvi´s soulful 2004 design inspired by nature in winter, is fast becoming a Marimekko classic. The pattern comes from a bush branch to which Hirvi added beautiful berries.