Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year Greetings This design use many Chinese cultural inmates,designer use color. Line to presents every object make this poster have modern Chinese style


I think this is super nice! I like the hand drawn feel and the byline at the bottom

乾园/味道/风尚 LOGO+字体设计|V...@6--love--10采集到茶叶包装设计(698图)_花瓣平面设计

乾园/味道/风尚 LOGO+字体设计|V...@6--love--10采集到茶叶包装设计(698图)_花瓣平面设计

self promotion | Chines New Year

These are unique designs for Chinese New Year that are effective with the use of 2 colors, and similar patterns and type on each different piece.

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