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Ram [Archive Collection Remaster] is one of those hidden classic gems. Very under rated at the time it was released and actually panned by many critics. Although lyrically vacuous in some places, musically it is superior with many great songs.Released in May of 1971, this is Paul McCartney’s second ‘solo’ LP, preceding his formation of the band ‘Wings’ for the ‘Wild Life’ album. It’s a one-hundred percent improvement on his mediocre self-titled ‘debut’ album.

Paul McCartney - Ram - 1971 "Too Many People" Legs" "Ram On" "Dear Boy" "Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey" "Smile Away" "Heart of the Country" "Monkberry Moon Delight" "Eat at Home" "Long-Haired Lady" "The Back Seat of My Car"


HELLO GOODBYE Promotional Video The Beatles dressed up in thier Sgt. Pepper outfits and their old suits - to wave goodbye to the past.

I don't know why he showed up under fleetwood mac search. i have this guitar too.  I should donate it..never use it. What is this .. .guitar night? Paul with his trusty Epiphone acoustic

See you tomorrow Paul in Detroit! -- Paul McCartney's Red Wings sticker is on its way home