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Doresuwe.com SUPPLIES 2016新作セレブシルク蝶結び付きの上品パンプス ハイヒール 人気パンプス

Doresuwe.com SUPPLIES 2016新作セレブシルク蝶結び付きの上品パンプス ハイヒール 人気パンプス

Little girl in pink dress having a tea party

Adorable little girl having a tea party. Lili would have so much fun with a tea set.


Monarch Butterfly(おまけ)

"I'm a beautiful, beautiful butterfly" (in a German accent) --- Monarch Butterfly dress, created by Seattle, WA based couture designer Luly Yang

Rua Bridal

I love the contrast of colors here. This dress looks like a fantasy inspired by pansies and lilies. It is absolutely gorgeous--now do you understand why I love purple so much?

Cordylus cataphractus - アルマジロトカゲ

This is the armadillo girdled lizard of South Africa. When frightened, it will bite its tail to form a spiny ball, much like the mammalian armadillo. This anti-predatory behavior protects the lizard’s.

suzuki takayuki : hobbit's boots | Sumally

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