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Black Lion !!!

A black lion. You can not have a lion as a pet, but it is beautiful. Having a black cat is as beautiful. This lion is a cat and it is lucky and not evil either. Signing off for tonight. Have fun pinting. The Incensewoman

Beautiful wolves from Animals | Tumblr

Two by two. Snow scene The White Wolf, photographed in the cold winter Northwest Territories - Twin wolves Pinned via cool named EBONY & IVORY board of black and white subjects / backgrounds. - DdO:) - ANIMALS OF A DIFFERENT

Eden Rock at St. Jean Beach, St. Barts / St Barths island

Eden Rock at St. Barts / St Barths island is a magical place! Just wish I could go back to that island again.


Photograph by Wild Wonders of Europe. At Litlanesfoss, the waterfall cross-sections an ancient lava flow, which formed columns as it cooled.Iceland Picture -- Waterfall Photo -- National Geographic Photo of the Day.

Japanese Pic wrote on the whiteboard!?

a version of Great Wave Off Kanagawa famous art on a whiteboard, drawn in his office, by bill taylor