#kitchen open shelving

kitchen with olive green walls, wood counters and open shelves. Nice way to add colour and keep the kitchen open ands simple


Kitchen shelves out of salvaged barn wood. Must find an application for the old barn. I'd want kitchen shelves to be easier to clean, though.

Small Space Gallery: Dining at the Counter in Style

Small Space Gallery: Dining at the Counter in Style

Tiny House Living Couple’s 204 Sq. Ft. Dream Home Introducing Travis Pyke and his wife Brittany.

Travis Pyke and wife Brittany are a husband and wife tiny house living couple who built this 204 sq. on wheels. They call it the Wind River Bungalow. An excellent, space-efficient kitchen.

Mix of farmhouse and century industrial styles in a kitchen. The light fixtures, the shelves, and those stools are coolness!

kitchen <3 !

Great ideas for making the most of a small space. I'm a huge fan of hanging mugs and cups - idea works well with measuring cups too!

LIVING/DINING/KITCHEN/room/リビング/ダイニング/キッチン/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

LIVING/DINING/KITCHEN/room/リビング/ダイニング/キッチン/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

vintage cottage kitchen

cottage kitchen---such a quirky and eclectic mix of elements that has its own sweet charm.

I think our kitchen needs a blue wall!

ダイニングテーブル /ヴィンテージ/照明/食器/北欧/Kitchen…などのインテリア実例 -2014-11-30 08:54:18

KITCHEN / TILE /キッチン/タイル/アイアン/ステンレス/木/リノベーション/フィールドガレージ/ FieldGarage Inc./FG-craft

HNote: stainless steel countertop with integrated sink (single bowl; and stainless steel cooktop. Idea for open shelves, except that the plank is white and metal support silver (stainles steel).