GOLDEN RATIO - CIRCLES LOGO by Andrea Banchini, via Behance

Make one special photo charms for you, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Golden Ratio, Circles Logo by Andrea Banchini

The Frog by Irma Medina, via Behance //昔持ってたメモ帳のデザインと同じやつ。 指部分に、光沢が出るように透明なフィルムが貼ってあったのを覚えていて、そこに良さを感じた。

This logo is very elegant. The frog design is very well done, and the two tone design of it gives it a very strong sense of depth.

Use of excessive negative space to reinforce emotional tension.and hey, it& a kitty.

Im not really sure what this is representing, but if it's representing a pine cone it is doing a good job.

A Cone


Makes me excited to see what I will be able to do one day! This looks like a simple logo but really there is so much more to it! Love the logo development!

#Logo #design

Branding for DarenSCM

This shows the different steps in creating an effective logo. I like all of the shapes incorporated into this design. I think the blue is a nice color choice.

24 solar terms typography design by More Tong

Chinese calligraphy and modern type design. Asian typography 24 solar terms typography design by More Tong

Redesigning Hong Kong's Tai Cheong Bakery

acco189さんの提案 - 「なつメガネ 七椿眼鏡」のロゴ作成 | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」

acco189さんの提案 - 「なつメガネ 七椿眼鏡」のロゴ作成 | クラウドソーシング「ランサーズ」