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the words are written in different languages on an empty road with green grass and blue sky
岡田徹/しっかり!ダイナモ!頼むぞ!バッテリー! - YouTube
there are many oranges on the table and one has a piece of fruit in it
LUCKY TAPES - Cigarette & Alcohol (trailer)
ディレクター:代田栄介 アートディレクター:米村俊 ////////////////////////////// □ アーティスト:LUCKY TAPES □ タイトル:Cigarette & Alcohol □ 品番:RYECD260 □ 価格:2,500円+税 □ 発売日:2016年7月6日 [収録曲] 01...
three different types of typogramic typefaces in various colors and sizes
shun yonemura S&M wedding poster
three people sitting at a table with guitars and music equipment in front of the camera
YeYe | ate a lemon
YeYe | ate a lemon - YouTube
a person holding a camera with the words lucky tapes gum from the show on it
LUCKY TAPES - Gun (Official Music Video)
LUCKY TAPESのデビュー・アルバム『The SHOW』より「GUN」のMVが到着! ディレクター:代田栄介 アートディレクター:米村俊 撮影:廣田達也 編集協力:補永直樹・山角篤志 ----------------------------------------­­---- LUCKY TAPES 1st...
several plates with different types of food on them, all stacked up in the same row
shun_yonemura usagi menu
the logo for a hair salon with scissors on it's front and back side
shun_yonemura add hair logo
an image of some type of artwork on the wall
shun_yonemura Manga*Anime*Games_from_Japan guidebook illustrations:アラキマリ
some type of business card with red ink on it
shun_yonemura bianganSFS logo&poster&pins
shun_yonemura bianganSFS GIFanime
several different types of paper are shown in this graphic style, including white and red
shun_yonemura bianganSFS goods
an advertisement for some kind of restaurant called golden gold's in the middle of two pictures
shun_yonemura GG&Inashikisi logo&OOH
the word love written in cursive writing on a white background with a flower
shun_yonemura kome logo
the word love is written in space with stars
YankaNoi - 凍原の裏 - YouTube
three different views of an open book with blue ink on the pages and in front of it
shun yonemura E&A_wedding invitation