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YOko Kasai
The wonderful world of Tokusatsu villains, part Yo-yo Ma, Suddenly I’m Not Half The Moon I Used To Be, Sunstache, Cactus Blossom. Ranger, 5 April, Japanese Monster, Folk, Weird And Wonderful, Puppets, Creepy, Sci Fi, Character Design


Yo-yo Mask (ヨーヨー仮面)from "Himitsu Sentai Goranger" 1976

快獣ブースカ Old Anime, Masked Man, Cute Japanese, My Childhood Memories, Old Tv, Retro Futurism, Old Movies, My Hero, Pop Culture

日活チャンネルNECO 円谷特撮アワーにて6/3(火)20:00より『快獣ブースカ』『ウルトラファイト』放送開始!


"Woo" -- A yeti-like monster from the original Ultraman series. Godzilla, Books Art, Japanese Monster, Scary Monsters, King Kong, Art Design, Creepy, Beast, Weird

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Japanese monster w/ ray-gun and flying saucers. Totems, Pseudo Science, Weird Toys, Japanese Monster, Scary Monsters, Aliens And Ufos, Retro Futurism, Sci Fi Art, Vintage Japanese

Paul Tobin on Twitter

“To be fair, it's hard to look intimidating when you're pooping UFOs.”

Dada, one of the few iconic Ultra Monsters from the Ultra Series. Japanese Funny, Japanese Film, Asian Toys, Hans Richter, Angel Manga, Hans Arp, Robot, Ultra Series, Francis Picabia


Dada (ダダ, Dada)are a humanoid alien race that attacked Earth and started abducting humans to advance some form of research. The original agent, Agent #271, was killed by Ultraman. Since then, numerous other agents have traveled to Earth with varying goals. The members of this race are referred to by their registration number and class, rather than possessing given names. True to their name, Dada are inspired by Dadaism, an art movement in 1915-1916, which spread to Japan in 1923. After their…

Snowgon emitted streams of freezing ice mist from both her mouth and hands at Ultrawoman H, frozen her entire body solid in mere seconds. UWH frozen solid by Snowgon! Japanese Superheroes, Atomic Punk, Japanese Monster, Showa Era, Studio Ghibli Movies, Sci Fi Characters, King Kong, Retro Futurism, Stop Motion