Police dogs waiting for dinner in China| 皿を加えて一列に整列 食事を待つ警察犬の写真が可愛いと話題 - ライブドアニュース

皿を加えて一列に整列 食事を待つ警察犬の写真が可愛いと話題

Police dogs in China queue for lunch / 20 brilliant photographs that hugely impressed us in 2015

犬《ふっ、ふははは 挟まっちまった》 from Dog combat3

2014年 反響の多かったもの

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ヨクタケタゴハンE【hamacola tribune】

An automatic doggy door for fido. Push with the paw and the door opens. We can't be teaching animals how to open doors! Has no one here seen Jurrasic Park?

Enami Kyoko (江波杏子) 1942-, Japanese Actress

Lobby card for Female Traveling Dicer (女賭博師丁半旅), directed by Yoshio Inoue (井上芳夫) and starring Kyoko Enami (江波杏子). There’s a nice write-up on this series of films over at WildRealm. Asian Film at Jailhouse 41