monyou rubber stamp set. hand carved rubber stamp. by talktothesun

and a beautiful color Carved Rubber Stamps MONYOU hand carved rubber stamp flower crest by talktothesun

只做一半,不放大图 [&nb-长...@浣熊干脆面采集到字体设计(139图)_花瓣平面设计

LOGO: Super intricate, which won't be good for bag designs but that is FINE. Maybe instead of chinese fonts it could say ZCM down the side and add coffee related stuff. Sun mountains, shipping containers, beans, etc

spring wagashi

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SOU・SOU/高山寺 『雲間と鳥獣戯画』 - 今までに無いポップな『雲間と鳥獣戯画』

SOU・SOU/高山寺 『雲間と鳥獣戯画』 - 今までに無いポップな『雲間と鳥獣戯画』