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Dictionary by Munenari Maegawa, via Behance

The work which I performed inspiration of a hair design from words to A - Z and expressed.

Blue hair

Gorgeous vibrant blue and midnight black A-line bob by Seung Kibaek of the U. Notice the blue on the underside of the hair.

KHA 関西ヘアドレッシングアワード 2016 ライジングスター部門 受賞作品ギャラリー -ガモウ関西-

KHA 関西ヘアドレッシングアワード 2016 ライジングスター部門 受賞作品ギャラリー -ガモウ関西-

Filter the enlightenment

Hair: Richard Ashforth and the Saco Creative Team Make-Up: Marco Antonio Styling: Michelle Kelly Photography: Dorothee.


Glitzy Holiday Couture Editorials

midnight-charm: "Chrysalide" Caroline Brasch Nielsen by Greg Kadel for Numéro November 2013