a tiny house

Cute Love this! it's a tiny house on a larger scale! A middle house! wonder what the sq. ft-age comes out to be?a middle house!

CASE 388 | ガルバリウム鋼鈑に覆われた家(愛知県瀬戸市) | 注文住宅なら建築設計事務所 フリーダムアーキテクツデザイン

CASE 388 | ガルバリウム鋼鈑に覆われた家(愛知県瀬戸市) | 注文住宅なら建築設計事務所 フリーダムアーキテクツデザイン



Want to cluster a trio of wires together on bed sides, as a pendant light. Fun kids colors, or black/gold adult.

translation missing:多目的室.eclectic多目的室のデザイン:Garden Terrace Houseをご紹介。こちらでお気に入りの多目的室デザインを見つけて、自分だけの素敵な家を完成させましょう。

インテリア・レイアウト実例・収納 写真

Garden Terrace House kids climbing wall in a living room : by Sakurayama-Architect-Design

土間とインナーバルコニーのある家/works 太田窪の家 / 菰田建築設計事務所

土間とインナーバルコニーのある家/works 太田窪の家 / 菰田建築設計事務所

羽束師の家 - Works - 滋賀県 建築設計事務所 建築家 ALTS DESIGN OFFICE (アルツ デザイン オフィス)

Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office. Eye-catching contemporary design of the Hazukashi House in Kyoto comes from the drawing board of Alts Design Office architects.

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House of Setagaya by SKAL OUVI is a beautiful example of small-footprint living in the heart of Tokyo's urban density. Maximising their use of space this loft level is a perfect nook for reading meditating or basking in the morning sun.

Ultra-Compact Stairs: 12 Next-Level Space-Saving Designs

Interior: Unique And Creative Stair Design That Feature Space Saving Ideas, Unique Shaped Wooden Loft Staircase With Book Shelves Beneath It

こういう階段手すりもアリ。古材・木材を使用した木に包まれる家・間取り(愛知県清須市) | 注文住宅なら建築設計事務所 フリーダムアーキテクツデザイン

I really like lightning style here maybe over old beams from loft.

Tiny House Interior - Mansion by Uncharted Tiny Homes: Love the open feel, bathroom w/ open walk-in shower, washer/dryer combo in bath w/ storage, big windows to the sides of the loft & looks like enough space to sit up in loft, & french doors. No sunroof :(

Mansion by Uncharted Tiny Homes

Reiulf Ramstand Architects   clad a weekend house near Hol, Norway, with   local pine. Photography by James Silverman.

Ski In, Stroll Out: Reiulf Ramstad Designs a House for all Seasons in Norway

Reiulf Ramstand Architects clad a weekend house near Hol, Norway, with local pine. Photography by J ames Silverman.