one logo

This logotype is very unique. Even though the word is "one" a line slashing thorough is appealing to the eye. It shows two words saying "one" the darker bold font, and the light font. It shows good use of alignment and contrast.

Washington Post Mag (US)

Washington Post Mag (US) Cover from December and too good not to show. “Lives Remembered” The Washington Post Magazine: “published Sundays in The Washington Post and aims to tell stories about the.

DSC04620 by moderntime, via Flickr

In the Traditional character for book 書 the English word “book” replaces the bottom half of the character,while in the second character for tea 茶,the word “tea” fills in.


I like this font type because it reminds me of a show I watched when I was little. I also gives me a child robot fun feel.

2012 Handmade Arcade Poster

2012 Handmade Arcade Poster hand made mixed with digital. good way to set a lot of type in a condensed area.

Calendar 2012

Why not a similar cover for the Annual Report? Cover for a 2012 calendar by graphic designer Juanjo G. Oller of Milimbo. via Kickcan & Conkers