Baobab,Tree of Life

Baobab,Tree of Life. this simple fact that THIS is REAL absolutely blows my…


Amazing, a heart shaped opening in a tree trunk.and the tree is rooted and growing in what appears to be an old cemetery. Beautiful but perhaps just a bit sad as well, I love it.

so so so so so pretty.

Maui Wedding by Gina Meola and Belle Destination

Amazing. <3

50 Stunning Homes Built Into Nature

This picture represents being a Transcendentalist because one way you can be one is to live in nature and be one with nature, and whoever lives here is definitely doing that. This place looks like a very nice place to live to appreciate nature everyday.

HEART by Nature

amazing nature, a beautiful tree with natural HEART formation in the center. ~Thats what you really call the heart of the tree~

Ancient Tree of Life, an Angel Oak is a southern live oak tree located in Angel Oak Park, in Charleston, South Carolina on Johns Island, one of South Carolina's Sea Islands. It is estimated to be over 1400 years old, standing 65 feet tall.

1500 year old 'Angel Oak' in Charleston, South Carolina. (Charleston has tons of year old live oak trees, it's gorgeous.


Tree / twisted branch roots with lantern lights - Creative Interior Design home decor decorating

Amazing tree painted on the wall leading to the attic. Awesome detail. Makes for a very earthy and cozy feel.

Playroom Treehouse Mural Wall Art by Simes Studios, Inc.: A treehouse mural in a private residence.

Nature love

no matter what we try to do nature always seems to create art better love heart tree Nature love

perfect garden hideaway lounge under the tree linen bed sofa outdoors backyard lounging relax reading nook

Now I just have to figure out where to get a giant tree, so I might carve my own staircase...

distinctivedigs: “ Stairs carved in a tree trunk ” There’s a tree/staircase like this at the science center near me:)

Angel's Oak South Carolina! I would climb it every day!!

Describe this oak in one word. ANGEL oak is estimated that he has about 1500 years old. The Angel oak is one of the most extraordinary specimens that exist in the Angel Oak Park, United States.