Love all colors of Kate Spade studs

DIAMOND does with necklace - Colorful Kate Spade Studs, any fun/pretty colors. Just not plain diamonds cause I already have those. Available at outlets

Maki Strunc Photography

Pomegranate Pistachio Swirled Chocolate Bark

Look at these bright and colorful / colourful donuts! Delicious bright food photography and a great phone background. Save this for later!


Whimsical tropical print with parrots and fruit. I have a parrot bathroom, but the fruit would look weird in there.


Food for the design nerds. I’d love to host a pantone tart party! Pantone Tarts by Griottes

Lovely print #birds

The PIN Gallery: Studio Sjoesjoe

Love this beautiful (and colourful) bird print! Alexander Henry - June Song from Junebug Collections

Pillow Party!

Headquarters: The Reveal

Absolutely love this colorful house tour! ~ A Tour Of Studio DIY Headquarters With Kelly Lanza


Stop fussing over how to make french macarons. This easy macaron recipe is a winner for everyone that makes it. And they are so pretty.