how to fold a heart shaped napkin

Change to WHITE and use with the DOILY. Very Easy Red Heart Shaped Napkin Fold Tutorial ♥ Lovely Valentines Day or Christmas Wedding Tablescape Ideas

Vintage linens

Would make a cute table runner! 13 of Rhonda Dort's Crazy Quilt Hexagons. Great idea: oversized hexies could be cut from vintage linens that have damage elsewhere in the piece!

Who Says Potholders Can't Be Fun? Learn How To Crochet This Chicken Hot Pad! - Starting Chain

Chicken Pot Holder tutorial from "The Crochet Space." There is no written pattern for this pot holder. For a thicker pot holder - put felt between 2 chickens and stitch together.



Winter Room

When you walk through your house after Christmas does it feel a little bare and cold? Now is a great time to add in a little winter white decor. Why does summer…

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Book nook, reading nook, reading chair, reading room, bookworm's dream // I hope to have one in my future home please & thank you

formica table near window. green. These colours remind me so much of the kitchen we had at home until was about 18

Australian anti-minimalist 1970s house that will bring you to colorgasm

Getting ready to purchase this very table for my new "retro " craft room I am creating for myself! Cozy Kitchen, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Table, V



This is gorgeous. I love subway tile and that light fixture and I'm dying for a pantry.expensive tile in a pantry is excessive, and a window in a pantry is a bad idea for preservation purposes


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