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Don't know how to use this polygon backgrounds trend in your designs? We selected 20 awesome polygon-styled designs to give you some extra inspiration!

Why do you like it? It's a great concept/design. The layer upon layer seems to give a three dimensional look to the design. What, if any emotion does the design evoke? The design seems to evoke a feeling of simplicity but when you study it, the design is more complicated as the deeper you dive in the more complicated it gets.

International Year of Chemistry-Graphic designer and illustrator Simon C. Page produced a series of beautiful posters inspired by chemists and their contributions to humankind - I feel like my hours spent on chemistry require me to like this.

ジョルディ・サヴァール 無伴奏の夕べ 王子ホール (銀座4丁目) 2013.9.13 チラシ表

ジョルディ・サヴァール 無伴奏の夕べ 王子ホール (銀座4丁目) 2013.9.13 チラシ表