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Marilyn with oud-shaped guitar

Marilyn with oud-shaped guitar


I have one of these in my garage, waiting to be repaired, tuned and brought into the house.

世界中のミュージシャンたちの仕事部屋はこんな感じ - DNA

Oxford, Mississippi - Animal Collective recording at Sweet Tea studio which they describe in a SoundOnSound article as a "living room that just happens to have a Neve 8038 desk in it".

Rhodes Piano Bass

There are many people that like songs played by guitarists. Guitar sounds have inspired so many new musicians.

Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal (from a "Little Darlings" promo shoot)

Little Darlings - Promo shot of Kristy McNichol & Tatum O'Neal. The image measures 1066 * 1066 pixels and was added on 22 February