Lexus Flagship Store In Tokyo, Japan, by Wonderwall : The dedication and perfection that goes into producing each and every Lexus car is clearly reflected in the interiors of the new Intersect store. An entire wall is covered with real Lexus car parts painted white (the composition was put together by Katayama himself at the Lexus factory.

The First INTERSECT by Lexus Flagship Store In Tokyo, Japan

Intersect Lexus Flagship Store In Tokyo, Japan. A unique conceptual space where visitors can experience Lexus through art, design, technology, film and music.

Bilder & De Clercq 360° brand by ...,staat, Amsterdam store design branding

Bilder & De Clercq - interesting cafe and supermarket concept store where foods are grouped by ingredients to make a recipe noted on signage above that section.

遊 中川 日本市羽田空港第2ターミナル店 | good design company

遊 中川 日本市羽田空港第2ターミナル店 | good design company

clean cut


tea shop, Fukuoka Japan store design Ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会) is one of those Japanese phrases that is near-impossible to translate. Derived from a mix of roots like tea master Sen no Rikyo, Buddhism and also Tokugawa Shogunate politics, the term can

Etisalat store by StartJG Dubai Al Ain UAE

Featuring an inviting, wide-open façade that draws customers over the threshold, the new store design presents Etisalat’s ‘Life: Connected’ as a series of engaging experiences within a warm, sociable environment.

Hughs & Hughs Bookstores Brazil. The exterior walls turn into portals into the store/product shelving. From designed by McCabe design.

"Livraria da Vila": This bookstore in Sao Paulo, Brazil, puts bookshelves to creative use, doing double-duty as pivoting doors to the space. Light wells in the center of the building are also lined with books - Isay Weinfeld